01. I [demand] that you leave immediately!
02. My job is quite [demanding] at times, but I really enjoy it, nonetheless.
03. My boss makes too many [demands] on me. I think he needs to hire more help.
04. The Opposition has [demanded] an explanation from the Government.
05. The men who hijacked flight 413 to London have [demanded] over £5 million in ransom.
06. The Palestinian Liberation Organization has [demanded] that all Israeli settlements be removed from the Occupied Territories.
07. Their son is quite [demanding] at times, and takes a lot of energy to baby-sit.
08. Gangster Al Capone once remarked, "I am like any other man. All I do is supply a [demand]."
09. There is a Russian proverb which states that where necessity speaks, it [demands].
10. About half of the world's turtle species face possible extinction, due in large part to a growing [demand] for turtles as food, and as a source of traditional medicines.
11. A recent study reveals that good marriages may protect couples against the stress of [demanding] jobs in which the worker has little control.
12. Language courses are generally very [demanding], and require regular study.
13. The body's [demand] for oxygen increases during strenuous exercise.
14. Many of Turkmenistan's people are [demanding] a greater role for Islam in their laws and society.
15. With a full-time job, night courses and two small children, Jill simply had too many [demands] on her time.
16. Schools in Serbia are very [demanding], with the result that Serbian students who move to the U.S. often get very high marks in American schools.
17. In 1547, a battle between the Scots and the English was sparked by English [demands] that Edward VI, aged 10, marry 5-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots.
18. Experts say that global energy [demand] is expected to triple by mid-century.
19. A recent study suggests that people who continue to engage in intellectually-[demanding] activities throughout their lives may not experience the same decline in memory processes experienced by other older people.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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